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Data Analytics vs Data Science vs Data Intelligence

People often get confused and use Data Analytics, Data Intelligence and Data Science
interchangeably. All 3 of them may have some overlap of uses cases, tools and output however they
are very different in many ways.


Data Analytics :This is a scientific method to analyse various datasets to draw conclusions based on the information already existed in the system. Using multiple statistical analysis and analytical techniques, helps us to find our trends, patterns, relations and insights.
Data Analytics majorly includes Prescriptive Analytics, Diagnostic Analytics, Descriptive Analytics and
Prescriptive Analytics.

Data Science: Data science uses statistics, computing, scientific methods, visualization, complex
algorithms to extract or extrapolate knowledge and insights from highly unorganized data. Data
Science focuses on domain expertise, mathematics and analytic mindset to achieve desirable results.
Data Science majorly includes Model creation, Feature engineering, Data discovery and model

Data Intelligence: Data Intelligence usually comes up with the combination of Business
Intelligence and Data Science which helps business to take strategic decisions. This process involves
collecting data, organize data and analysis data as per business needs.
Data Intelligence majorly includes Integration of insights, Real time analysis and Continuous

Key Differences:

DataFram has been helping its customers to figure out the best possible solutions based on their
business needs, be it Data Intelligence consulting, Data Science services or Data Analytics solutions.

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