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Understanding Data Model in Power BI

What is Business Intelligence in simple words ?

Business Intelligence or BI means the analysis of available data to either solve any existing
business problem or to make future business strategies. BI is the set of strategies, tools and
technologies to create meaningful insights for actionable business decisions.

Data is growing everywhere so is the need of data analysis. For any scalable business, it has
become very important to have a robust data strategy in place to ensure that they get
meaningful & actionable insights. Power BI is one of the widely used data analytics tool
owned by Microsoft. Power BI has very robust Data Modeling capabilities which makes it
default choice of Power BI consultants.

What is the need of Data Modeling?

Without Data models, it would be almost impossible to stablish relationship between
various data matrices, Hierarchy, relationship and calculations. For any BI tool to give proper
results, data modelling becomes the base line. Data models help businesses to improve Data
Quality, Performance Improvements, Better Collaboration and Analysis.

Data Model in Power BI:

Power BI has 3 key components of data models including Tables and Relationships,
Calculations &Hierarchies/Filters. All models help business to simplify & normalize data,
build impactful relationships, performance optimization and documentations.

DataFram is one of the best business analyst companies which has top business analyst
consultants. We provide Power BI as a service and build meaningful applications.

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